Top NLP Training in India

Top NLP Training in India

An NLP Master Trainer Tag does not begin and end with the getting of the certificate or attending a Master Trainer Practitioner Program. It is more of a commitment but then in India, many of the top organizations conducting NLP Training Programs do have NLP Master Trainers who have not even attended or completed an NLP Master Practitioner Program and NLP Trainer level programs, yet call themselves NLP Master Trainers. These organizations call them a value-add which is actually very shameful and pathetic because they are actually cheating the participants who invest their time and a lot of money to do these courses.

A lot of top NLP bodies like the American Board of NLP (ABNLP), Association of NLP, UK, NLP University (Robert Dilts, and Society of NLP (SNLP) have a basic criteria to conduct an NLP Master Practitioner level programs. They should have facilitated 6+ NLP Practitioner level programs and co-facilitated 2+ NLP Master Practitioner level programs to get the designation of an NLP Master Trainer.

These fraudulent trainers are not only prevalent in India there are some trainers coming from abroad who pose themselves as experienced NLP Master Practitioners and as brand ambassadors of reputed International NLP organizations. Indians always fall for the skin color and accent of these trainers and get cheated and it is always too late once they realize that. It is actually very sad to watch some people shamelessly taking advantage of the popularity of these NLP courses. There is a rapid rise in demand to do these courses, and there are lots of people joining them and these courses are just going to get more and more popular soon.

The saddest things is how people ruthlessly misuse it and have made it more like money making business instead of helping those who genuinely want to attend a good program and make changes in their life. There are a lot of fake courses around and if you are unlucky you might just get sucked into one of them with deceitful trainers whose only intention is to fool and make money.

It is imperative that you do your research properly before registering for an NLP Training Program in India and be sure about what you aim to achieve on completion of the course. You should also know get details about the Trainer who is going to conduct the program, his credentials, experience, and testimonials. It would be interesting to note if they have any other additional degrees as well, corporate experience, and their recommendations.

Nowadays most of these trainers will be on social networking sites and that makes it easy to find out more about them, their training skills, their experience, and if they are genuine trainers.

Make sure you do a good check on all these details before you register for a program because only a good trainer can give you good training experience. You will end up wasting your time and money over attending a program run by a sub-standard trainer from a sub-standard organization.