Praveen B S – Certified Leadership Coach


Praveen B S – Certified Leadership Coach

Praveen is a Licensed NLP Coach (Certified by Richard Bandler), and NLP Master Practitioner. Having completed all his NLP Programs with NLP Coaching Academy, Praveen is associated with us as a Coach, and is available for coaching either in person, in Pune, or through distance communication tools.

He is a senior professional with over 30 years of International experience in various industries. He is an expert when it comes to seeing things from the other person’s perspective and he can decipher the mind blocks quickly. He helps the participants achieve their goals.

Praveen’s experience of having worked in various industries – automotive, electronics, lighting, heavy industry, and renewable energy make it easy for him to connect with a wider range of clients. His experience of working in senior positions in companies both in India and abroad helps him have a global outlook while working with the clients.

A Postgraduate in Engineering from IIT Chennai, and an MBA from RMIT university Melbourne, Praveen has worked in India and Australia. Having worked in India for 13 years, he moved to Australia and worked there for another 13 years, before being back to India in 2006.  Presently he is CEO & MD of BAG electronics India Pvt Ltd, an MNC German company making Lighting electronics products.