Karthik – NLP Master Trainer and Coach


Karthik – NLP Master Trainer and Coach

Karthik is an NLP Master Trainer, Master Practitioner in Ericksonian Hypnosis, and a Peak Performance Coach.

One of the main goals of his workshops is to make a transition using positive beliefs and the highlight of attending his workshops is the strong bond he creates within the group and the organization.

His training and coaching are result oriented and he adopts the Provocative Coaching style to help the participants make breakthrough in the various areas of life. He is known for his customized workshops that are based on the requirements of the clients with whom he is working. He makes them challenging by creating customized modules, tailored for the individuals, groups and/or organizations and thereby creates a lasting impact with his participants. This attitude of his, coupled with his motto of “The ‘how’ factor is more important than the ‘wow’ factor”.

His corporate experience along with a deep understanding of human behavior makes his programs more effective and resourceful.