Personal Mastery Program in India

How to become The Creator Of Your Own Destiny:
Have these thoughts been bothering you off late?

  • That you are leading a boring and futile life
  • You are not able to balance personal and professional life
  • You have no time to spend with your family due to work commitments
  • Feeling depressed end of the day
  • You have no savings in your bank account and want a better job
  • Feeling depressed with the way your life is
  • You want to change everything about you, the way you look, they way you feel, and the way your life is
  • Want to become more successful
  • Have Job satisfaction
  • Does your future look bleak
  • Do you feel uncertain when it comes to your career
  • Are you hoping to get more clients at work

Well, if your answer is ‘yes’, then it is time to make some changes to your life.

The ‘Success/Personal Mastery with NLP’program is the perfect program that will give you the tools and suggestions to get that important and crucial breakthrough in your life and move forward with confidence and success.

NLP Coaching Academy is motivated to make people empowered and achieve success. We help people in achieving things that they are passionate about and reach their goals. Our vision manifests when people are able to have empowering habits and excellence patterns in their lives.

Our Personal Mastery Program has Six Main keys of Mastery:

  • Physical Dimension
  • Emotional Dimension
  • Intellectual Dimension
  • Occupational Dimension
  • Social Dimension
  • Spiritual Dimension

The course shares with you the lives and patterns of successful entrepreneurs,coaches, speakers, business icons, celebrities, trainers, and other people who have make their mark in their respective careers.

On completion of the program:

  • Chalk out a plan that meets your goals for the next 1 to 10 years
  • Self Discovery
  • The importance of asking questions
  • Make a blueprint that will keep you financially stable
  • Improvement in self esteem and confidence
  • Create your own model inspired by the patterns of successful people
  • Find you own strength and resources that will help you take your life forward
  • Make the to-do lists happen
  • Realize you own potential to help you become your own guru
  • Managing time well
  • Unlock the keys that will help you understand yourself better
  • De-clutter your mind and experience freedom
  • Discover the magic within you
  • Use positive affirmations
  • Discover the magic within you and the magic of the company you keep

The Program should be attended by:

  • Working Professionals
  • University/College Students
  • Home Makers
  • Anyone who wants to explore their passion and vision
  • All of you who want to improve your mind-set and encourage self-development