Our Story

Years ago, on the road to finding ways of supporting people during uncertain times through tough conditions, we caught glimpse of the vast stream of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and were immediately pulled by the aura of it. The sheer magnificence of NLP, the vast spread of its applications, and the thrust of its resourcefulness grew upon us, so much so that we swore to surf farther and farther.
What started as a one off quest became a life-long purpose.

We are a bunch of professionals, particularly passionate about NLP Coaching; privileged with the knack of guiding people find success and manage self.

We believe that everybody deserves to have total control over each and every aspect of their lives.

Through NLPCA, we quench our thirst of making noticeable contribution towards addressing social challenges. We provide thought provoking experiential trainings, group coachings, and one-on-one coachings to put people on the right path when it comes to achieving excellence.

Our Mission is to to reach out to people and share valuable insights that open up the chains of fear, negativity, issues, conflicts, limiting beliefs, etc so that they break free from all that has been holding them back.
We deliver a variety of personal and corporate programs to coach to get desired results fast, and quick.

Inspiration, tools, techniques, methods, and strategies -to touch the zenith of success in all dimensions of life is what you can expect from us!