NLP Training in Bangalore

NLP Certification Program in Bangalore

Bangalore offers a lot of NLP Certification Programs but most of the organizations that conduct these programs offer the NLP Classic Courses and not the Applied NLP Courses which deal with the applications of NLP. Listed below are the types of NLP Classic Courses that are available along with the duration required to complete the courses –
Types of NLP Classic Courses:

Types of Applied NLP Courses:

  • Accelerated Learning Coach – duration is 2-3 days
  • Business Mastery – duration is 2-3 days
  • Certified NLP Coach – duration is 3-4 days
  • Ericksonian Hypnosis – duration for single module is 2-3 days. Can get extended to 7-8 days or more if required
  • Group Coaching and Team Coaching – duration is 2-3 days
  • Leadership Coaching – duration is 2-3 days.
  • NLP and Sales – duration is 2-3 days

In case you are looking to attend an NLP Certification Program in Bangalore, Delhi. Pune, Dubai, Kuwait or Jordan, these courses along with specialized modules of Accelerated Learning Coach, Group Coach, and Ericksonian Hypnosis are provided both in a modular or combined format. It is usually included in courses of longer duration like the Master Practitioner Course.

Our basic + intermediate course is one of a kind and is the only NLP Course in Asia which has a combination of the NLP Classic Course (NLP Practitioner) along with NLP Coach in our Five Certification NLP Practitioner and Coach Program which is valid globally. This program provided NLP based Coach Certification and is good for all those looking forward to becoming an ICF Certified Coach. To know more details about the course please go to our (link) page.

Our courses are all approved and recognized by American Board of NLP (ABNLP), ANLP, UK, and International Coach Federation (ICF-USA), and all the public courses are facilitated by our Founder and the award-winning NLP Master Trainer and ICF Mentor Coach (Vikram Dhar) which makes all the difference.


Why is accreditation important? There are a lot of organizations in the market that are operating in the names of these NLP organizations. For example there is nothing as ANLP, Bangalore or any other ANLP other than ANLP, UK. The same applies to ABNLP, American Board of NLP. There are many organizations that market their courses by using ABNLP or American Body of NLP which are the same just to create confusion in the minds of the people when they are checking for a course. There are a lot of fraud and fake organizations that are teaching NLP which are not proper and thereby creating confusion. The need to do a course from a properly accredited organization is important because only a proper trainer who is trained by International Trainers and has a valid accreditation affiliation with genuine International groups can teach you NLP pertaining to global standards. The American Board of NLP and American Board of Hypnosis both come under the URL Anything that comes across other than this can be struck off from your list.

Integrated Courses Accreditation:

All our NLP Courses are backed by the ICF and in case you are keen on becoming an ICF Coach, we would suggest you to attend a Behaviour based coaching fundamental program with us which is a good combination of NLP and Neuro Science. The techniques and strategies that you learn from the program are worth the money and time you have invested when it comes to becoming either a Coach or an NLP Practitioner. ICF is a good program to do and when it comes to certifying they have a good structure that is honest.