ICF Coach Programs in India

International Coach Federation (ICF) is one of the world’s best coaching accreditation bodies. It has set the gold standards for coaches and coaching by evaluating coaches on the knowledge of coaching ethics and competencies they demonstrate in actual coaching sessions. Many aspiring coaches have a lot of queries about ICF. To assist them we have compiled a set of FAQ’s:-

How to select the right ICF coach program in India?

Here are some points for you to consider before enrolling in any ICF coach program:

  • Classroom v/s online courses:- Classroom program allows direct interaction with the coach. This is immensely beneficial because you have the privilege of directly benefitting from your mentor’s experience. In this manner, your learning is not just limited to coaching skills. You can expand your horizon by gaining insights on how to build your own coaching brand, how to obtain more coaching assignments, how to build your business as a coach, so on and so forth. Hence, before enrolling in any ICF coach training program, make sure it is a classroom program.
  • Trainer Vs Mentor:- When searching for the right program, many people turn a blind eye to the actual coaching experience of the trainer. Getting trained by a trainer who had been a coach is different from getting trained by a trainer with no relevant coaching background. And believe it or not, getting trained by a trainer who is also coaching clients in this day and age is very very different than getting trained by a trainer who coached individuals once upon a time. Therefore, before enrolling in any ICF coach program, ascertain the right trainer/ program facilitator. Don’t settle with a trainer when you could work with a mentor instead- someone you could go to with real world questions and/or challenges. Get trained with someone who is accomplished enough to share factual personal experiences and point at keys which open locks.
  • Behavioral v/s non-behavioral framework:- In the coaching industry there are lots of coaching models. Some provide structure for behavioural change, some don’t. Coaching is most effective when it is backed by behavioural framework because just gaining perspectives on root causes is not enough. Action is needed to take charge of the situation. NLP is an impactful coaching model as it provides knowledge, skills, and techniques which guarantee sure shot results in coaching sessions. NLP in fact is a model of models as it provides rationale behind how the change takes effect. Before enrolling in any ICF coach training program, make sure that the program content has relevant practical application in your coaching sessions
  • Is there a step by step procedure to become an ICF coach in India?

    Yes, the procedure is as follows.

  • You complete 60 hours of ICF ACSTH training (classroom training).
  • Finish the book reading assignments, if any.
  • Conduct 100 hours of coaching (practice) with real clients.
  • Get 10 hours of mentor coaching on your coaching sessions.
  • After successfully completing these steps, you will be able to file an application for ICF assessment.

    What are highlights of becoming ICF coach in India?

    Though exciting, coaching once was an unregulated industry. In due course, it has evolved for greater good. ICF along with few other accreditation bodies ensures that designated level of quality is maintained in the coaching industry.

    ICF accreditation represents supreme training, well-worth mentoring, and genuine know-how of coaching people through challenges. ICF also ensures that the coach has had sufficient practical exposure to coaching. Thus, ICF accreditation acts as a filter to ensure quality coaching service. It provides the trust factor to individuals and corporates wanting to be coached. It definitely provides a boost to the personal branding of the coach.

    What are the different coach courses offered under ICF and how do I choose which one to enroll?
    ICF authenticates the core coaching competencies of a coach. Depending upon the niche a coach has carved around himself/ herself, coaches can be of various species, like:-

  • Leadership coach:- Leadership coaches usually work with the high level leaders in any organization to build their leadership capability for achieving organizational goals.
  • Executive coach:- Executive coaches usually work with the high level executives, managers, mid-managers for enhancing their management skills and performance.
  • Life coach:- Life coaches usually work with individuals to solve problems, gain clarity and achieve well defined outcomes in life.
  • Wellness coach:- Wellness coaches usually work on the overall well being of individuals to produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives.
  • NLP coach:- NLP coaches are those coaches who use NLP as one of the tools to help clients gain clarity, and sense of direction in life. They work on overcoming challenges and expanding individual’s potential. They work with organizations as well as individuals; at group level as well as one to one level. There is no clear boundary.
  • An NLP coach can be a leadership coach, a wellness coach, an executive coach, a life coach, in any imaginable coaching niche, even a combination of them all. ICF accredits coach’s trainings. You are free to choose your niche purely based on your area of interest once you gain expertise on the fundamental concepts, tools, techniques, and coaching skill sets.

    What is the credibility of Indian ICF coaches?

    Indian ICF coaches are evaluated on the same standards as international coaches. Indian ICF coaches are therefore at par with the international counterparts. In fact, many Indian ICF coaches have travelled abroad for coaching assignments. This is purely a result of their skill sets and competence.

    What makes NLP Coaching Academy unique compared to other institutions offering the same ICF certifications?

    *Imporant* NLP Coaching Academy does not keep track of what other institutions are doing. We focus only on what we do the best, and that is providing the most comprehensive, world class NLP coaching to our participants.

    Our coaching style and methodology is unparalleled. Our founder and lead facilitator Mr. Vikram Dhar is an International NLP Master Trainer, ICF Mentor coach and an NLP Coach. He has been trained and mentored by the world’s top Leadership and Executive coaches: Marshall Goldsmith and John Mattone.

    He has trained more than 1800 people worldwide in NLP and ICF based coaching. His mentorship reaches out to 300+ global coaches worldwide.

    We have a growing presence in 10+ countries all over the world.

    We are committed to ensuring individual attention towards each and every participant in the spectrum of our public and corporate programs.

    We have a proper system in place to connect regularly with our participants and we truly value our continued association with them.

    Which course should I opt for ACC (Associate certified coach) or PCC (Professional certified coach)?

    Honestly, it doesn’t really matter. All that really matters is to find yourself the right ICF mentor coach. In the due course you will complete ACC or PCC courses with your dedication. Find yourself a mentor who is competent enough to build your coaching skills. Identify the one who can guide you to build your coaching clientele. After all, a coach is someone who has someone to coach. A coach with no clients to coach is equivalent to not being a coach at all.

    Above mentioned are some of the frequently asked questions about ICF coach programs in India.

    Please feel free to write to us on info@nlpcoch.in should you have any further queries. We are ICF recognised provider of ICF approved coach programs in India, and we will be happy to answer to all your queries.

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