ICF Coach Certification in India

ICF Coach Certification in India

Attending a Certified Coaching ICF Program can be a life changing decision, so it is imperative that you do your homework properly before registering for one because all these programs need a good investment of time and money. In case you have decided on doing one then make sure you are doing a proper program which comes under the International Coach Federation (ICF). ICF is one of the largest coach accreditation bodies that is competitive and coaches all over the globe follow their coaching ethics when it comes to training participants.

The coaching framework, rules, guidance, and methodologies for these ICF Programs are provided by the ICF and they are aligned with the principles laid down by ICF. Here are a few suggestions to look out for if you are planning to attend an ICF approved Coach Certification in India –

Choosing a proper Coaching Framework and Methodology – This is very important and one of the main things that need to be taken into consideration when you are looking to register for an ICF approved Coach Certification in India. Though there are many ICF approved programs, your choice of program must be based on a Behavior change background where the Coaching skills are so well ingrained that you can begin your Coaching on a high note.

Results based CoachingNeuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Coaching using Neuro Science, and Meta-Coaching (Neuro Semantics based) are some of the strong behavior based coaching programs which are helpful when it comes to bringing in changes in life. There are also question based coaching tools which are not that powerful enough and do not provide enough flexibility for the coach to be present with the participant totally. It is also not flexible enough to have an approach where the next question is based on what is happening with the participant in reality.

Post Program Support from the Sales and Marketing Team – This is very important because most of the participants would not know from where to get clients on completion of the course. There are a lot of things that are not covered in the program, like finding coaching clients, building a coaching practice, on how to go about branding and content marketing, or agile marketing, or influencer marketing, or a growth hack in coaching business. These concepts which will have to be done in a different program altogether are a necessity for all coaches to know especially if they want to have a successful coaching business.

Program Cost – The Program rates are usually based on the reputation and value of the organization conducting the program. The program need not be good if it is expensive. ICF approved programs are always more expensive than the usual Life Coach Certification Programs. You can request for a package which can be paid in installments across a few months so that the payment options will be easier for you to handle.

The Master Coach Trainer – The credentials and testimonials of the coach is important and once you decide on a program, do a check on all the details about the coach who is going to conduct the program, his profile, qualification, background, experience, and his/her mentors. You will also be able to know if these trainers coach internationally if you have a look at the testimonials and it will good if they can provide you with the different types o f Coaching available, Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, Entrepreneur Coaching, Life Coaching, and Sports Coaching. A coach who has expertise in all these is also good enough to guide you.

Further Support once the Program ends – You can also check about the post program support from the trainers/coaches/mentors once the program is over. You can also find out how much it would cost if you intend to redo the program and if it is possible to get the support if you need it in another region or city.
Visit our website (link) to check about details of our schedule and the Combo III in our usual ICF Coach Program and Five Certification NLP Practitioner gives the participant 60 hours approved by ICF under ICF ACSTH.