ICF Approved Coach Program in India

ICF approved Coach Program

The NLP Coaching Academy conducts Integrated Five Certification NLP Practitioner and ICF approved Coach Program both in India and in Dubai, and for all those who are looking to participate in one either in India or Dubai, this course will provide them with insights on Coaching Skills and the Coaching industry to embark on their coaching journey on a good note. These programs are facilitated by one of Asia’s top ICF Mentor Coach, Vikram Dhar who started on his own and has then gone on to establish a coaching business across 10+ countries and has mentored and trained over 200+ coaches across 20 countries. He still continues to mentor his team of coaches and trainers and is one of the most sought-after Coach and Trainer for all those who want to become ICF Certified Coaches.

The Integrated ICF approved Coach Program combines the learning of NLP and the applications of Coaching and gives many benefits to the participants. NLP, NeuroScience, NeuroSemantics, Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence form the underlying base of the program making it easy to for the participants to comprehend the Coaching trends and how to become a Coach, be it a Leadership Coach, Wellness Coach, Executive Coach, Life Coach, Performance Coach etc.

Participants get five certificates after attending the course –

  • Diploma in NLP
  • Advanced Diploma in NLP Coaching
  • Certified NLP Practitioner
  • Certified Associate Leadership and Executive Coach
  • Certified Wellness Coach

This course is an excellent course not only to learn NLP but also for Behavior Change. Many coaches, trainers, and Tony Robbins incorporated NLP into their Self Help Training Programs.

The course also provides its participants with 10 hours of mentor coaching that is required towards achieving ICF ACC level and 60 hours towards ICF ACC level under ICF ACSTH.

For more details about the Program, visit our Five Certification Integrated ICF Course Page.