ICF Accredited Coach Training in india

The ugly truth about ICF Accredited Coach Trainings in India

International Coach Federation (ICF) is the world’s leading accreditation body which symbolizes GOLD STANDARDS of coaching services. ICF approved coach training courses play a vital part in building on the credibility of coaching because ICF ensures that the standard of coach’s training is up to some standard,and nothing short of the benchmark criteria.

Over the years, ICF has become the de-facto accrediting body for Corporate Coach training, Leadership Coach training, Life Coach training, Executive Coach training, etc. It has successfully spread its roots all over the world, so much so that even India is not untouched by its sporadic mushrooming. Unfortunately, several training-providers in India and abroad play unethical tricks around it to fill their pockets and serve their selfish motives. This is evident because the programs are priced unreasonably high.

So, here are some pointers from NLP coaching academy to flash light on the whole bag of misleading tricks and gimmicks (some ICF approved training-providers use), and ways of avoiding them:-


Many ICF approved training-providers deliberately make sure that you enroll directly into ACTP(Accredited Coach Training Program) level.

Ensuring that you are enrolled in a higher level course ascertains that you will shell out at least thrice the amount otherwise.

The truth:- A minimum of 120 student contact hours and 10 hours of mentor coaching followed by a performance evaluation process is needed to become an ICF coach with the ACTP approval where as a minimum of 60 student contact hours and 10 hours of mentor coaching followed by performance evaluation is needed to become an ICF coach with the ACSTH (Associate Coach Specific Training Hours)path.

Word to the wise:- Start with the ICF-ACC level, which is sufficient for you to receive ICF credibility.Complete ICF-ACC (Associate Certified Coach) in double quick time, practice as an ICF ACC for a while, get your credibility going in the market with your clients, and then pursue higher levels of coaching (PCC and MCC level) in due course.

Many ICF approved training-providers claim that you need to be ICF certified to become a life coach and start coaching, or else it will be impossible for you to practice life coaching in personal capacity.

This is a fear based strategy for creating a sense of panic and thus getting an influx of participants for ICF-ACC, ICF-PCC, ICF-MCC or ICF- ACTP programs.

The truth:- You don’t need ICF certification to start Life coaching personally. All you need is knowledge,skills, and intention. Individuals decide to work with a life coach based on the work done, testimonials,word of mouth etc. They don’t demand ICF certificates.

To work with Corporates however ICF accreditation will be an excellent leverage.

Word to the wise:- Make a start by attending a comprehensive coaching course that provides you with the toolbox of concepts, and tried and tested techniques to carve out the reputation of a competent coach for yourself. Look for a course whose content is approved by ICF, even if you have no plans of becoming an ICF coach. The course content will be of substance, and the cost will be less.

3. PROVIDING FALSE HOPES:-Some ICF approved training-providers purposefully withhold the fact that it takes time to get established as a coach. They showcase the façade of completing ACTP (Accredited coach training program), becoming a PCC (Professional Certified Coach), and gaining instant success in the coaching industry. Hurray!

They unapologetically leverage on the fact that a lot of aspiring coaches are looking for shortcuts and instant success. They mislead with false hopes, purely with the intention of building their classroom strengths for ICF-ACC, ICF-PCC, ICF-MCC or ICF- ACTP programs.

The truth:- It takes practice to become a good coach. Further, it takes years of good work to get your credibility going in the market. Client selection, expectations management, responsiveness, and many other important aspects play a vital role here.

Word to the wise:- Successful coaches are adept at combining their skills with experience and knowledge.The coaching industry has been taken by a marketing storm these days. Your patience, resilience, and persistence will help you go a long way in your journey of becoming an established coach.

Most of the ICF approved training-providers refrain from guiding you on how to establish yourself as a coach.

Most of the ICF training-providers are trainers only. They themselves aren’t well established corporate/CEO Coaches. In some of the cases, the program facilitators are employed full time with large organizations, too busy to find time otherwise.

The truth:- Getting yourself established as a Coach is a process, and not an easy one in any way. Yes, you read it right- it is a process. If someone was able to establish himself/ herself as a coach, you too can get mentored on efficiently establishing yourself as a coach.

Word to the wise:- Before enrolling in any ICF Course, verify the credibility and eligibility of the trainer. Collaborate with a Mentor/Coach who shares at length the real-time business acumen, the process, the ground reality, and marketing tips on how to establish yourself as a coach.

Gaining mastery on the framework of coaching is not enough. Getting trained on the ethical steps of establishing yourself as a renowned coach is equally important.

5. SCAMMING !!! (Yes, you read it right):-
Many ICF approved associates hide the fact that ICF Mentoring – which is an important and mandatory part of becoming an ICF Coach – is not a part of their offering.
This is a very cheap tactic to extort money from unsuspecting ICF-ACC, ICF-PCC, ICF-MCC or ICFACTP program candidates

The truth:- ICF Mentoring is an important and mandatory part of becoming an ICF Coach because it ensures that the highest quality of guidance is received by the candidate and that the candidate is proficient and well equipped to provide coaching.

Word to the wise:- It is always advisable that you enroll in a reputed and trustworthy organization where you will be guided by a trained, competent, and trustworthy mentors.

This post has been written out of our concern and empathy to ruthlessly expose the prevalent immoral methods implemented by a lot of ICF approved training-providers in Asia. It is our earnest effort to forewarn the ICF coaching aspirants so that they are not left hanging after attending an expensive course.

We care for you.

Please double check before enrolling in any course.

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