Certified NLP Practitioner in India

Another Certified NLP Practitioner in India

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the latest buzz word in the training and coaching industry. And,introducing yourself as a Certified NLP Practitioner is also one of the newest trends. In these scenarios where you are not an NLP practitioner, you might feel that you are lagging behind. You may feel that you are missing out on something, and the idea of catching up with others could motivate you to take up an NLP practitioner course at a premier institute with reputation. But you need to ask yourself whether this is the right reason for you to take up a course?

Speaking frankly, before you take up any reasonable course, you must ask yourself- What will this course do for you? How will this course help you at personal or/and professional fronts? What will change in effect?

Doing an NLP Practitioner certification for the sake of adding onto your list of credentials is not a bad thing by and large. If your sole objective is to have the tag of an NLP Practitioner, then you have the freedom to choose from a range of courses starting as cheap as Rs 500/- (video based online courses). If you only want to bag the NLP certificate, you could opt for enrolling in the nearest available institute, without being bothered about the authenticity of the course or value of the certificate it offers. But if you are serious about creating an impact on the lives of people around, you would definitely go for a course which is recognised by internationally renowned accreditation bodies like American Board of NLP (ABNLP), International Coach Federation (ICF), Association of NLP (ANLP) etc.

Enrolling yourself in a premium NLP training institution only for the sake of obtaining a certificate and having no intention to practice NLP is like buying a Lamborghini and keeping it parked in the garage, only to show it off to people!

Believe it or not, NLP is one of the most powerful tools created for personal change and development. When the intention behind learning NLP is to create the best version of you and eventually help others create the best version of themselves, then NLP is the most effective life transforming tool capable of producing remarkable effects. Most successful people on earth like Tony Robbins, Opera Winfrey, Barack Obama, etc. have found a good use of NLP in achieving personal mastery and creating unbounded success.

Like them, if you also have set your heart onto something, and you too wish to put NLP to use, then register in a recognised officially accredited course. And before enrolling, do your homework wholeheartedly. Look for a program that provides holistic learning experience. Deep learning of NLP concepts, tools and techniques take place only in an environment which is application based. Identify the right NLP Trainer for this significant task. This is important because your mentor/ trainer is going to be that knight in the shining armor who would co-create and sustain the learning environment where you interact, share and explore thought provoking perspectives and responsive solutions with other participants. If your NLP trainer is someone who spoon feeds NLP techniques and concepts, then he/she may make you ‘Jack of NLP Techniques’, but you will be miles and miles away from being an NLP Practitioner, let alone a proficient one. So, look farther and aim higher!

Sidetrack yourself from being the NLP Practitioner on paper, having no real purpose. Ask yourself these questions-
 What makes you want to become a certified NLP Practitioner?
 What is the most important thing you would accomplish, once you are an NLP Practitioner?
How will it help you and the people around you?
 What is the next step? Would you like to become an NLP Master Practitioner? Even an NLP
 What is the market standing of the certification/program you plan on investing in?
 How will the course add value to your overall agenda?

As a matter of fact, NLP is a very vast domain. It involves multiple layers and several levels. For your
basic understanding and awareness, the different levels of NLP are enlisted below:-
 Diploma in NLP:- This is the ground zero for those who are looking to get introduced to the
basics of NLP.
 NLP Practitioner:- This is the first solid step you take on the staircase of NLP for integrating NLP
into your life.
 NLP Master Practitioner:- This is the next step for those NLP Practitioners who seek to further
explore NLP framework, and become experts in NLP modeling techniques and Ericksonian
 NLP Trainer:- This is a monumental step in the grassland of NLP for those NLP Master
Practitioners who want to upskill and prepare other NLP Practitioners. NLP Trainer programs
usually provide support and career opportunities to the participants, offering membership
status at times.

It is noteworthy that you can’t become an NLP Trainer unless you are an NLP Master Practitioner.
Similarly, you can’t become an NLP Master Practitioner unless you are an NLP Practitioner. Several institutions offer integrated programs where you can become an NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, and NLP Trainer all in the same program – which is an extended one. If someone offers you an NLP trainer qualification in the beginner’s level, beware! There is a high probability that they could be scamming you.

The right NLP Program opens the doors of alternatives. It puts out the red carpet for you to walk beyond your limitations. It introduces you to the echoes of personal change, and acquaints you with the encouraging cheers of your deep seated wishes.
It is therefore our earnest suggestion to you that do not register in an NLP practitioner program unless you are through with introspection.

NLP is a powerful tool for behavioral change, personal growth and development. Become the NLP
practitioner who has had taken delight in the choicest ingredients of the mouthful of NLP. Rejoice in it, relish it yourself and then serve it to others so that they too can savour the assorted flavours. The rule is simple- first you experience NLP on self, and then only you practice it with others to be able to deliver phenomenal results.

Nobody needs a certified NLP Practitioner who has no intention of practicing NLP.
Save yourself from becoming yet another Certified NLP Practitioner in India by doing yet another NLP program, whether in person or online!

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