About Us

About Us
We aim towards making everyone the ‘Creators of Their Own Destiny’.

Company Profile
We, at the NLP Coaching Academy believe that we can make a noticeable difference in your lives with the help of our internationally certified coaches and NLP trainers/mentors. The tools and techniques given to you by our group set the base for a good learning experience and knowledge that will aid you to have total control of life in all aspects, and put you on a path where you will be the Designer of Your Own Life. Our network is wide and our Trainers and Coaches are spread out in many countries; Australia, Canada, Dubai, India, Kuwait, US, and UK.

Our focus is on bringing out the better version of ‘You’ with the help of the already existing resources within you.

Our Mission
Our Mission at the NLP Coaching Academy is to reach out to people and help them find success and fulfilment in their lives on all dimensions; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual through our one-on-one coaching, insightful training programs, and profound belief systems and values.

Our passion is what makes us stand apart from the rest and our various training programs cater to both personal and professionals, and puts them on the right path when it comes to achieving excellence.

Working with NLP Coaching Academy will put you on the right track of Designing Your Own Life which will lead you effortlessly and quickly towards becoming the Creator Of Your Destiny.

You can witness a visible difference in your life once you let of your negativity, relationship issues, and self limiting beliefs. Everything around you changes when you change and there will not be anymore barriers when it comes to achieving your goals.

If you are looking to deliver top class presentations, flexibility in your behaviour patterns, become an outstanding speaker, create a better rapport with the people around you, learn how to increase sales, and create a convincing and persuasive vision for your future, and join our training programs. They will guide you to achieve the desired results you are looking for to make the transition smoothly.

Touching the Zenith and A Steady Rise in Business Ventures!

What you can expect from us.

Best Wishes, NLP Coaching Academy Team

On knowing more details about us:

Our trainings are accredited by the American Board of NLP (ABNLP, USA), ANLP, UK (International ANLP) and all training programs are run as per the Code of Ethics laid down by them.

Vikram, one of the lead Master trainers of the NLP Coaching Academy is an ANLP, UK (International ANLP) recognized NLP Trainer.

The Course Content used for coach certifications is approved by International Coach Federation, ICF under ACSTH and CCE hours.